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JMI2011C-2 Mixed-hybrid finite element method for modelling two-phase flow in porous media (pp.9-19)

Author(s): Radek Fučík and Jiří Mikyška

J. Math-for-Ind. 3C (2011) 9-19.

We propose a new numerical scheme for simulation of flow of two immiscible and incompressible phases in porous media. The method is based on a combination of the mixedhybrid finite element (MHFE) and discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods. The combined approach allows for accurate approximation of the flux at the boundary between neighboring finite elements, especially in heterogeneous media. We extend the method proposed in [12] to simulate the nonwetting phase pooling at material interfaces. In order to show its applicability, the MHFE-DG method is tested against benchmark solutions and using laboratory data from literature.

Keyword(s).  MHFE-DG method, Two-phase flow, Heterogeneous porous media