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JMI2011C-5 Application of a degenerate diffusion method in medical image processing (pp.33-40)

Author(s): Radek Máca, Michal Beneš and Jaroslav Tintěra

J. Math-for-Ind. 3C (2011) 33-40.

This paper deals with segmentation of image data using a partial differential equation of level-set type. The first part of this paper describes the level-set formulation and modification of the level-set equation. The evolution process are controlled by the segmented image data in such a way that the edges of objects can be found. The semi-implicit complementary-volume numerical scheme is used for solving the level-set equation. The final part of the paper describes algorithm parameters and their setting used for segmentation of the left heart ventricle in the cardiac MRI images.

Keyword(s).  Cardiac MRI, co-volume method, image segmentation, level set method, PDE