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Vol.3 C (2011)

    This issue of the journal is devoted to the publication of selected peer-reviewed articles submitted by the participants of the Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2010 which took place on August 30--September 4, 2010 in Prague and Telč, Czech Republic.

2011C-1 Asymptotic behavior of blow-up solutions to a degenerate parabolic equation (pp.1-8)

Author(s): Koichi Anada and Tetsuya Ishiwata

Keyword(s).  degenerate parabolic equations, blow-up, asymptotic behavior, type 2, eventual monotonicity

2011C-2 Mixed-hybrid finite element method for modelling two-phase flow in porous media (pp.9-19)

Author(s): Radek Fučík and Jiří Mikyška

Keyword(s).  MHFE-DG method, Two-phase flow, Heterogeneous porous media

2011C-3 Motion of essentially admissible V-shaped polygonal curves governed by generalized crystalline motionwith a driving force (pp.21-25)

Author(s): Tetsuya Ishiwata

Keyword(s).  Motion by crystalline curvature, non-closed polygonal curves, essentially admissiblecurves, V-shaped interface.

2011C-4 Numerical study of viscous and viscoelastic fluids flow (pp.27-32)

Author(s): Radka Keslerová and Karel Kozel

Keyword(s).  Navier-Stokes equations, generalized Newtonian fluids, Oldroyd-B fluids

2011C-5 Application of a degenerate diffusion method in medical image processing (pp.33-40)

Author(s): Radek Máca, Michal Beneš and Jaroslav Tintěra

Keyword(s).  Cardiac MRI, co-volume method, image segmentation, level set method, PDE

2011C-6 Application of the nonlinear Galerkin FEM method to the solution of the reaction diffusion equations (pp.41-51)

Author(s): Jan Mach

Keyword(s).  Nonlinear Galerkin method, Gray-Scott model, reaction-diffusion equation, method of lines, finite difference method, finite element method, Runge-Kutta-Merson method

2011C-7 Numerical simulation of multicomponent compressible flow in porous medium (pp.53-60)

Author(s): Ondřej Polívka and Jiří Mikyška

Keyword(s).  Mixed-hybrid finite element method, finite volume method, Newton-Raphson method, single-phase compressible multicomponent flow, miscible displacement

2011C-8 Numerically repeated support splitting and merging phenomena in a porous media equation with strong absorption (pp.61-68)

Author(s): Kenji Tomoeda

Keyword(s).  nonlinear diffusion, support splitting, support merging, finite difference scheme

2011C-9 Universal bound for stationary patterns of an adsorbate-induced phase transition model (pp.69-72)

Author(s): Kousuke Kuto and Tohru Tsujikawa

Keyword(s).  reaction-diffusion-advection system, stationary pattern, universal bound

2011C-10 Image segmentation using CUDA implementations of the Runge-Kutta-Merson and GMRES methods (pp.73-79)

Author(s): Tomáš Oberhuber, Atsushi Suzuki, Jan Vacata and Vítězslav Žabka

Keyword(s).  CUDA, image segmentation, Allen-Cahn equation, Runge-Kutta-Merson, GMRES