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Vol.2 A (2010)

2010A-1 A survey on convergence theorems of the dqds algorithm for computing singular values (pp.1-11)

Author(s): Kensuke Aishima, Takayasu Matsuo, Kazuo Murota and Masaaki Sugihara

Keyword(s).  numerical linear algebra, matrix singular value, global convergence, shift strategy

2010A-2 On the exponential moments of additive processes with the structure of semimartingales (pp.13-20)

Author(s): Tsukasa Fujiwara

Keyword(s).  additive process, semimartingale, exponential moment, Laplace cumulant, modifiedLaplace cumulant

2010A-3 Self-adjoint extensions of momentum operators: application of weak Weyl relations (pp.21-25)

Author(s): Fumio Hiroshima, Sotaro Kuribayashi and Itaru Sasaki

Keyword(s).  canonical commutation relation, CCR, Weyl relation, weak Weyl relation, momentum operator

2010A-4 Weakly nonlinear saturation of stationary resonance of a rotating flow in an elliptic cylinder (pp.27-37)

Author(s): Yoichi Mie and Yasuhide Fukumoto

Keyword(s).  elliptical instability, weakly nonlinear stability, Lagrangian approach, mean flow

2010A-5 Decay estimates on solutions of the linearized compressible Navier-Stokes equation around a Poiseuille type flow (pp.39-56)

Author(s): Yoshiyuki Kagei, Yu Nagafuchi and Takeshi Sudou

Keyword(s).  compressible Navier-Stokes equation, decay estimates, asymptotic behavior, Poiseuille type flow

2010A-6 Abstract collision systems on $G$-sets (pp.57-73)

Author(s): Takahiro Ito

Keyword(s).  collision-based computing, cellular automata

2010A-7 Explicit lower bound for the length of minimal weight $\tau$-adic expansions on Koblitz curves (pp.75-83)

Author(s): Keisuke Hakuta, Hisayoshi Sato and Tsuyoshi Takagi

Keyword(s).  Koblitz Curves (Anomalous Binary Curves), Scalar Multiplication, $\tau$-adic Non-AdjacentForm ($\tau$-NAF), Minimal Length

2010A-8 A short introduction to shape analysis of apparent contours by "panorama views" (pp.85-91)

Author(s): Mahito Kobayashi and Takashi Sano

Keyword(s).  Hough transform, panorama view, projective dual

2010A-9 Exact computation for the cover times of certain classes of trees (pp.93-98)

Author(s): Yusuke Higuchi, Takuya Ohwa and Tomoyuki Shirai

Keyword(s).  cover time, first hitting time, terminal time, tree, subdivision, spider graph

2010A-10 Overview to mathematical analysis for fractional diffusion equations---new mathematical aspects motivated by industrial collaboration (pp.99-108)

Author(s): Junichi Nakagawa, Kenichi Sakamoto, and Masahiro Yamamoto

Keyword(s).  mathematics motivated by industrial mathematics, fractional diffusion equation, fractionalcalculus, well-posedness, qualitative properties

2010A-11 ARX models for time-varying systems estimated by recursive penalized weighted least squares method (pp.109-114)

Author(s): Pan Qin, Ryuei Nishii, Tadashi Nakagawa and Takayoshi Nakamoto

Keyword(s).  ARX model, Time-varying systems, GIC, Model selection