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Vol.1 B (2009)

2009B-1 Local subexponentiality of infinitely divisibile distributions (pp.81-90)

Author(s): Toshiro Watanabe and Kouji Yamamuro

Keyword(s).  Local subexponentiality, infinitely divisible distributions, compound distributions

2009B-2 Pulse dynamics for reaction-diffusion systems in the neighborhood of codimension two singularity (pp.91-95)

Author(s): Shin-Ichiro Ei, Yasumasa Nishiura and Kei-Ichi Ueda

Keyword(s).  traveling pulse, self-replicating of pulses, saddle-node bifurcation, drift bifurcation

2009B-3 Bregman divergence and density integration (pp.97-104)

Author(s): Noboru Murata and Yu Fujimoto

Keyword(s).  Bregman divergence, consistent subspace, Pythagorean relation, $u$-model, density integration

2009B-4 On intersection properties of extremal ternary codes (pp.105-121)

Author(s): Michio Ozeki

Keyword(s).  ternary extremal code, design equation

2009B-5 Algebraic instability caused by acoustic modes in supersonic shear flows (pp.123-130)

Author(s): Makoto Hirota and Zensho Yoshida

Keyword(s).  compressible fluid, shear flow, spectrum of non-selfadjoint operator, algebraic instability

2009B-6 A set of variant Hermite tetrahedral elements for three-dimensional problems (pp.131-138)

Author(s): Masahisa Tabata and Yuki Ueda

Keyword(s).  variant Hermite elements, tetrahedral elements, a priori error estimates

2009B-7 A comprehensive view of Lagrangian invariants of hydrodynamics, ideal and Hall magnetohydrodynamics on three-dimensional Riemannian manifold (pp.139-147)

Author(s): Keisuke Araki

Keyword(s).  Lagrangian invariants, conservation laws, differential topology, barotropic fluids

2009B-8 Multi-objective design based on symbolic computation and its application to hard disk slider design (pp.149-156)

Author(s): Hitoshi Yanami

Keyword(s).  symbolic computation, quantifier elimination, multi-objective optimization

2009B-9 Bilateral practice of industrial mathematics in steel making process (pp.157-163)

Author(s): Junichi Nakagawa and Masahiro Yamamoto

Keyword(s).  bilateral practice, industrial mathematics, steel making process, blast furnace, inverse heat conduction problem, method for real use