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Vol.5 B (2013)

2013B-1 Measuring agglomeration of agglomerated particles pictures (pp.83-91)

Author(s): Shigeki Matsutani and Yoshiyuki Shimosako

Keyword(s).  agglomeration, digital image processing procedure, Euler number

2013B-2 A complete transformation rule set and a minimal equation set for CNOT-based 3 qubits quantum circuits (pp.93-101)

Author(s): Issei Sakashita

Keyword(s).  quantum circuit, string rewriting system

2013B-3 A note on the discrete-time evolutions of quantum walk on a graph (pp.103-109)

Author(s): Yusuke Higuchi, Norio Konno, Iwao Sato and Etsuo Segawa

Keyword(s).  quantum walk, evolution matrix, characteristic polynomial, isospectral problem

2013B-4 On the number of $\mathbb{F}_{p}$-valued points of elliptic curves (pp.111-128)

Author(s): Shinnya Okumura

Keyword(s).  elliptic curves modulo $p$, Galois representations, Koblitz's conjecture, Zywina's conjecture

2013B-5 A generalization of the restricted isometry property and applications to compressed sensing (pp.129-133)

Author(s): Hiroshi Inoue

Keyword(s).  compressed sensing, restricted isometry constants, restricted isometry property, sparse approximation, sparse signal recovery, weak restricted isometry property

2013B-6 A transformation formula for a certain Eisenstein series in aerodynamic interference calculations (pp.135-138)

Author(s): Takumi Noda

Keyword(s).  Eisenstein series, aerodynamic interference calculations, Mellin-Barnes formula

2013B-7 A survey of high-discrepancy sequences (pp.139-143)

Author(s): Shu Tezuka

Keyword(s).  discrepancy, high-discrepancy sequences, Kolmogorov superposition integrals, Owen's scrambling, $(t,m,d)$-nets, $(t,d)$-sequences

2013B-8 Tropical geometry of PERT (pp.145-149)

Author(s): Masanori Kobayashi and Shinsuke Odagiri

Keyword(s).  tropical geometry, discrete event system, CPM

2013B-9 A quantitative activity-activity relationship model based on covariance structure analysis, and its use to infer the NOEL values of chemical substances (pp.151-159)

Author(s): Jun-ichi Takeshita, Masashi Gamo, Koji Kanefuji and Hiroe Tsubaki

Keyword(s).  animal testing data, covariance structure analysis, no-observable-effect-level (NOEL), prediction of missing values, quantitative activity-activity relationship (QAAR)