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Vol.5 A (2013)

2013A-1 Remarks on positivity of $\alpha$-determinants via SDP relaxation (pp.1-10)

Author(s): Takayuki Osogami, Tomoyuki Shirai and Hayato Waki

Keyword(s).  $\alpha$-determinant, determinant, permanent, point process, positivity, SDP relaxation, SOS representation

2013A-2 $L^2$-theoretical study of the relation between the LIBOR market model and the HJM model (pp.11-16)

Author(s): Takashi Yasuoka

Keyword(s).  term structure model, LIBOR market model, BGM model, HJM model, metric space

2013A-3 On harmonic function for the killed process upon hitting zero of asymmetric Lévy processes (pp.17-24)

Author(s): Kouji Yano

Keyword(s).  Lévy process, harmonic function, excursion theory

2013A-4 Vibration-fracture model for one dimensional spring-mass system (pp.25-32)

Author(s): Kazunobu Abe and Masato Kimura

Keyword(s).  fracture model, vibration analysis, spring-mass system, phase filed model

2013A-5 Modelling microbial growth in a closed environment (pp.33-40)

Author(s): Maureen P. Edwards, Ulrike Schumann and Robert S. Anderssen

Keyword(s).  growth modelling, autonomous, non-autonomous, microbial growth, ordinary differential equations, closed environment, food contamination, surviving microbes

2013A-6 Numerical reduction method for doubly nonnegative optimization problems (pp.41-50)

Author(s): Mirai Tanaka, Kazuhide Nakata and Hayato Waki

Keyword(s).  doubly nonnegative optimization, semidefinite optimization, facial reduction algorithm

2013A-7 Determination of order in fractional diffusion equation (pp.51-57)

Author(s): Yuko Hatano, Junichi Nakagawa, Shengzhang Wang and Masahiro Yamamoto

Keyword(s).  fractional diffusion equation, order of fractional derivative, inverse problem, reconstruction formula, error analysis

2013A-8 Bipartition of graphs based on the normalized cut and spectral methods, Part I: Minimum normalized cut (pp.59-72)

Author(s): K. K. K. R. Perera and Yoshihiro Mizoguchi

Keyword(s).  spectral clustering, normalized Laplacian matrices, difference Laplacian matrices, signless Laplacian matrices, normalized cut

2013A-9 Non-convex anisotropic surface energy and zero mean curvature surfaces in the Lorentz-Minkowski space (pp.73-82)

Author(s): Atsufumi Honda, Miyuki Koiso and Yasuhiro Tanaka

Keyword(s).  mean curvature, anisotropic, minimal surface, zero mean curvature surface, Lorentz-Minkowski space, Wulff shape