Editorial Board

Vol.4 B (2012)

2012B-1 Bayesian approach to measuring parameter and model risk in loss ratio estimation (pp.85-89)

Author(s): Hiroki Kondo and Shingo Saito

Keyword(s).  Bayesian inference, parameter risk, model risk, loss ratio

2012B-2 The probability densities of the first hitting times of Bessel processes (pp.91-95)

Author(s): Yuji Hamana and Hiroyuki Matsumoto

Keyword(s).  Bessel process, first hitting time, Bessel functions

2012B-3 Degree of regularity for HFE Minus (HFE-) (pp.97-104)

Author(s): Jintai Ding and Thorsten Kleinjung

Keyword(s).  HFE, degree of regularity, Minus

2012B-4 Note on the spectrum of discrete Schrödinger operators (pp.105-108)

Author(s): Fumio Hiroshima, Itaru Sasaki, Tomoyuki Shirai and Akito Suzuki

Keyword(s).  discrete Schrodinger operator, rank-one perturbation

2012B-5 Weierstrass representation for semi-discrete minimal surfaces, and comparison of various discretized catenoids (pp.109-118)

Author(s): Wayne Rossman and Masashi Yasumoto

Keyword(s).  discrete differential geometry, isothermic surfaces, discrete surfaces, semi-discrete surfaces, minimal surfaces, catenoids, Weierstrass representation

2012B-6 A note on the quasi-additive bound for Boolean functions (pp.119-122)

Author(s): Naoyuki Kamiyama

Keyword(s).  computational complexity, Boolean function complexity, protocol partition number

2012B-7 The functional roles of time delay on flexible phase-locking in Bipedal locomotion (pp.123-133)

Author(s): Wulin Weng, Shin-Ichiro Ei and Kunishige Ohgane

Keyword(s).  human walking, CPG, body, time delay, phase shift

2012B-8 Symbolic-numeric hybrid optimization for plant/controller integrated design in $\mathcal{H}_\infty$ loop-shaping design (pp.135-140)

Author(s): Masaaki Kanno and Shinji Hara

Keyword(s).  $\mathcal{H}_\infty$ loop-shaping design, plant/controller design integration, symbolic-numeric hybrid optimization, parametric polynomial spectral factorization

2012B-9 A zero-range model for localized boundary stress on a tectonic plate with dissipative boundary conditions (pp.141-153)

Author(s): Lev Ivlev, Gaven J. Martin, Boris Pavlov and Larissa Petrova

Keyword(s).  scattering theory, tectonic plate, dissipative boundary conditions, selfadjoint-dilation theory, spectrum