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Vol.4 A (2012)

2012A-1 Kernel perturbations for convolution first kind Volterra integral equations (pp.1-4)

Author(s): Frank R. de Hoog and Robert S. Anderssen

Keyword(s).  linear viscoelasticity, interconversion, kernel perturbations, convolution, first kind Volterra integral equations

2012A-2 On some properties of a discrete hungry Lotka-Volterra system of multiplicative type (pp.5-15)

Author(s): Yosuke Hama, Akiko Fukuda, Yusaku Yamamoto, Masashi Iwasaki, Emiko Ishiwata and Yoshimasa Nakamura

Keyword(s).  Bäcklund transformation, $LR$ transformation, asymptotic convergence, discrete hungry Toda equation, discrete hungry Lotka-Volterra system

2012A-3 An algorithm for calculating $D$-optimal designs for trigonometric regression through given points in terms of the discrete modified KdV equation (pp.17-23)

Author(s): Hiroto Sekido

Keyword(s).  $D$-optimal design, trigonometric canonical moment, trigonometric regression model, integrable system, discrete modified Korteweg-de Vries equation

2012A-4 Piecewise truncated conical minimal surfaces and the Gauss hypergeometric functions (pp.25-33)

Author(s): Yosiroh Machigashira

Keyword(s).  catenoid, hypergeometric function, truncated cone

2012A-5 Zeros of extended zeta polynomials for coding theory (pp.35-39)

Author(s): Katsuhiko Ono

Keyword(s).  zeros, zeta polynomials for coding theory

2012A-6 Towards statistical modeling of tsunami occurrence with regional frequency analysis (pp.41-48)

Author(s): Jonathan R. M. Hosking

Keyword(s).  extreme values, frequency estimation, $L$-moments, rare events, runup height

2012A-7 Modeling through self-assembly (pp.49-53)

Author(s): Jos Stam

Keyword(s).  molecular biology, self-assembly, computer graphics, geometric modeling, physics-based simulation

2012A-8 Subtraction-free recurrence relations for lower bounds of the minimal singular value of an upper bidiagonal matrix (pp.55-71)

Author(s): Takumi Yamashita, Kinji Kimura and Yoshimasa Nakamura

Keyword(s).  lower bound of the minimal singular value, subtraction-free recurrence relations

2012A-9 Asymptotic tail dependence of the normal copula (pp.73-78)

Author(s): Hiroki Kondo, Shingo Saito and Setsuo Taniguchi

Keyword(s).  copula, normal copula, tail dependence

2012A-10 A viscoelastic model for time-dependent simulating analysis of the Wenchuan earthquake fault (pp.79-83)

Author(s): Cheng Hua, Jin Cheng and Qi-fu Chen

Keyword(s).  viscoelastic, finite-element method, Wenchuan earthquake, crustal fault