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Vol.1 A (2009)

2009A-1 The random walk model revisited (pp.1-6)

Author(s): Takehiro Hirotsu and Setsuo Taniguchi

Keyword(s).  random walk model, IBNR, geometric Brownian motion, distribution, confidence interval, cumulative loss

2009A-2 Generalisation of Mack's formula for claims reserving with arbitrary exponents for the variance assumption (pp.7-15)

Author(s): Shingo Saito

Keyword(s).  Mack's formula, claims reserving, chain-ladder method, mean squared error

2009A-3 Regularized functional regression modeling for functional response and predictors (pp.17-25)

Author(s): Hidetoshi Matsui, Shuichi Kawano and Sadanori Konishi

Keyword(s).  Basis expansion, Functional data, Model selection criteria, Regularization

2009A-4 On the zero-run length of a signed binary representation (pp.27-32)

Author(s): Hisashi Yamada, Tsuyoshi Takagi and Kouichi Sakurai

Keyword(s).  elliptic curve cryptosystem, signed binary representations, zero-run length

2009A-5 An efficient method of generating rational points on elliptic curves (pp.33-44)

Author(s): Hisayoshi Sato and Keisuke Hakuta

Keyword(s).  cryptography, elliptic curve, point generation, signature scheme

2009A-6 On asymptotic behavior of composite integers $n = pq$ (pp.45-49)

Author(s): Yasufumi Hashimoto

Keyword(s).  composite integer $n = pq$, prime number theorem, RSA cryptosystem

2009A-7 Implementation of Haskell modules for automata and Sticker systems (pp.51-56)

Author(s): K.K.K.R.Perera and Yoshihiro Mizoguchi

Keyword(s).  Automata, Language, Sticker System, DNA Computing, Haskell

2009A-8 Algebraic approach to discrete-time polynomial spectral factorization (pp.57-68)

Author(s): Masaaki Kanno, Kazuhiro Yokoyama, Hirokazu Anai and Shinji Hara

Keyword(s).  Polynomial spectral factorization, discrete-time systems, parametric optimization, Gröbner basis, quantifier elimination

2009A-9 A numerical verification method for solutions of nonlinear parabolic problems (pp.69-72)

Author(s): Mitsuhiro T. Nakao and Kouji Hashimoto

Keyword(s).  Numerical verification, Guaranteed error bounds, Parabolic problem

2009A-10 Survey analysis of Japanese mathematics research (pp.73-80)

Author(s): Moritaka Hosotsubo

Keyword(s).  mathematics, industry, other fields